SMS Shayari

Kisi Ka Pyar Milta Hain

Kisi Ka Pyar Milta Hain Erader Ker Nahi Pata,
Kahi Samman Milta Hai,Aaderker Nahi Pata

Kahi Barat Sajtihai,Mager Khushia Nahi Hoti
Kahi Kuch Phool Hai Jenma Kabhi Khushbhu Nahi Hoti

Kahi Adhar Melta Hai Sahara Ben Nahi Pata
Bhaver May Jud Gaya Rishta Kinara Ban Nahi Pata

When He Is Gone All Fairy Tales Are Uncovered

When He Is Gone All Fairy Tales Are Uncovered
Myths Exposed

And Pains Magnified
The Greatest Pain Discovered

You Taught Me This Pain
But I Am Confused To See You Leave

Was It Not You!
Who Said We Would Always Be

Was It Not You Who Said You Would Never Hurt Me
Nor Leave Me Alone

Yet This Is The Greatest Pain I Have Ever Felt
Is The Pain You Taught Me

Darkness Surrounds Me
It Hurts To See You Go

I Am Alone Again Left With This Pain
Then The Stars Fall

When He Is Gone So Are The Stars
And So Is The Perception Of Tomorrow

With Him Gone There Is Only Me
To Deal With My Sorrows

Like The Stars
Tears Start To Fall

Without Him My Soul Is Empty
When He Left

He Left Me With The Greatest Pain
You Left Me Alone In Darkness

It Hurts To Love Someone

It Hurts To Love Someone
And Not Be Loved In Return

But What Is Most Painful Is To Love Someone
And Never Finding The Courage

To Let The Person Know How You Feel
Maybe God Wants Us To Meet

A Few Wrong People
Before Meeting The Right One

So That When We Finally Meet The Right Person
We Should Know How To Be Grateful For That Gift

Love Is When You Take Away The Feeling
The Passion The Romance

And You Find Out You Still Care For That Person
A Sad Thing About Life Is

When You Meet Someone
That Means A Lot To You

Only To Find Out In The End
That It Was Never Bound To Be

And You Just Have To Let Go
When One Door Of Happiness Closes

Another Opens But Often We Look
So Long At The Closed Door

That We Don’t See The One
Which Has Been Opened For Us

Although I May Seem Busy

Although I May Seem Busy Although I Am In My Own World But,You Please Take It Easy Coz,I’m Always There In Your World

I’ll Love You The Most Even When You Deserve It The Least I’ll Gift You With My Time Upon Cloud Number Nine

I’ll Sit Beside You When You Wanna Talk I’ll Sit Beside You When You Wanna Rock!

When The World Turns Back At You You’ll Find Me Standing In Front Of You Whether You Wanna Drink Or Drive I’ll Always Be There With You!

You Have My Shoulder To Rest I’ll Give You The Courage If You Have A Test Whether It Is The Break Of Dawn Or Dusk, Midnight Or Noon,Just Remember, I’ll Always Be There For You!

Boy Synce We Met Y Can’t Eat Or Drynk

Boy Synce We Met Y Can’t Eat Or Drynk Garl Why Not

Boy May Y Hold Yoar Hand?? Garl No Thanks Yt Ysn’t Heavy

Garl Dyd Yoa Myss Me Whyle Y Was Away Boy Were Yoa Away

Garl Who Was That Gyrl Y Saw Yoa Kyssyng Last Nyght Boy What Tyme Was Yt

Garl Say Yoa Love Me! Say Yoa Love Me Boy Yoa Love Me

Garl Yf We Become Engaged Wyll Yoa Gyve Me A Ryng Boy Sare What’s Your Phone Number?

Garl Y Thynk The Poorest People Are The Happyest Boy Then Marry Me And We’ll Be The Happyest Coaple

Garl Darlyng Y Want To Dance Lyke Thys Forever Boy Don’t Yoa Ever Want To Ymprove

Boy Y Love Yoa And Y Coald Dye For Yoa! Garl How Soon

Boy Y Woald Go To The End Of The World For Yoa! Garl Yes Bat Woald Yoa Stay There??

Mary John Says Y’m Pretty Andy Says Y’m Agly What Do Yoa Thynk Peter Peter A Byt Of Both Y Thynk Yoa’re Pretty Agly

Boy Y Hate To See A Gyrl Standyng Yn A Bas When Y’m Seated Garl So What Do Yoa Do? Boy Y Close My Eyes