We Met But Once As Though By Chance,
We Didn’t Date, Or Did We Dance.
We Looked Into Each Other’s Eyes
Without Deception Or Disguise.
A Silent Message Passed Between
Your Hungry Heart Was Plainly Seen.
You Saw Desire I Could Not Hide,
You Looked At Me And Saw Inside.

How Could A Glance Have Said So Much,
And Cause A Chill Without A Touch?
What Was That Chemistry That Night,
That Promised What We Felt Was Right?
What Satisfaction We’d Have Missed,
If We Had Not Reached Out And Kissed.
I Do Not Know If It Was You,
Or Was It I Who Said, “Let’s Do.”
But On That Night Our Souls Were Bare
As Surely As Our Bodies There.

Our Bodies Moved In Harmony,
I Couldn’t Tell The You From Me.
And Locked In Passion As We Were,
My Sense Of Time Began To Blur.
I Must Have Known You From Before,
How Else Could You Have Reached My Core?
In Life Perhaps Before This One
What Had We Shared? What Had We Done?
With What I Felt, Emotions Vast,
I Must Have Loved You In The Past.

But Now We Go Our Separate Ways,
To Different Lives Throughout Our Days.
I Keep You Though Within My Dreams,
Eternal Soul Mate, So It Seems.

Category : English Poetry

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