When It Comes Down To It, You All I Even Think About.
Everything We Talk I Have The Perfect Smile On My Face.
But It Really Does Not Matter. ‘Coz I Know It Will Never Happen.
I Am So In Love With You…

So There Is This Man Not Only Is He Hot…
Be He Also Amazing, Sweet, Funny And Smart…
All I Can Do Is Look At Him
And Think, “Man, I Wish You Were Mine.

I Would Rather Argue With You Than Kiss Someone Else
You’re The Reason Why I Got High In Math.
If There Was A Snowflake For Everything Thought About You.
You’re Everything I Am Living For And How I Wish You Were Here…

I Am Terrific Liar, If You Think I Want To Be Just Friends.
When I See You, I Think “Wow I Love You But Were Just Friend.
My Mind Is Saying, “You Do Stupid” But My Heart Saying “Who Cares”.
You Will Never Understand How Much I Love You.

I Promised Myself That Was Over
But When I Look Into Your Eyes.
I Can’t Help Wishing If Only You Were Mine.
I Am So In Love With You…
You’re Everything I Am Living For…

I Get So Tired Of Living And Covering Up For What I Cannot Hide…
So Tired Up Trying To Impress Even Knowing The Fact That Nothing’s Gonna Change.
Maybe One Day I Can Tell You My Full Story…
However, Until Then I Will Drown You In My Dreams And Burry You In My Heart.
Until The Time Comes That You Will Read My Poetry And Knowing, I Had A Crush On You..

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