Adhure Jazbaaton Ko Kaise Joddun Sochti Hoon, Dard Bhari Shayari, SMS Shayari

Adhure Jazbaaton Ko Kaise Joddun Sochti Hoon

Category : Dard Bhari Shayari

Adhure Jazbaaton Ko Kaise Joddun Sochti Hoon Dil Ke Dard Ko Kaise Karoon Bayan Sochti Hoon

Yun To Uski Chahat Mein Ek Umra Guzaari Hai Maine Ye Kaise Usko Samjhaoon Sochti Hoon

Meri Aankhon Ki Muskurahat Uske Saath Ka Paigam Thi Ab Main Kaise Muskuraoon Sochti Hoon

Mere Lafzon Ki Har Aawaz Uske Liye Ek Pukar Thi Ab Main Kisi Se Kya Kahoon Sochti Hoon

Dil Ke Har Zakhm Mein Dard Hai Uske Naam Ka Ab Usse Kya Naya Naam Doon Sochti Hoon

Pinky Ke Har Khayal Ka Aagaz Ussi Se Tha Ab Ye Sherr Kaise Karoon Muqammal Sochti Hoon

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